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Edwardsville, IL 62025

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What People Are Saying:

  • The store was very accommodating. Called late to get an oil change and they fit me in. Employees were friendly and very professional. Will definitely go back.
    Patricia - March 2018
  • Work done well and on time at a fair price.
    Fred - March 2018
  • Always on time, reasonably priced and friendly.
    Vickie - February 2018
  • I can always count on quality work
    Jim - February 2018
    JANET - February 2018
  • My tire rods were in bad shape causing horrible wear on my tires. I commute, and thought that was the reason my tires wore so quickly. I was able to order the tires I like and schedule my appointment online. They called and notified me of the additional problems, and were understandable when I needed a minute to hang up, digest the problem, and then call back.
    Josef - February 2018
  • The guys were great and worked fast to fix my problem
    Brad - February 2018
  • thoroughly appreciated David's knowledge of car oils as i was dying to decide which one o use in he older model car I had just gotten.
    Cala - January 2018
  • Great work
    Jason - January 2018
  • It's nice to get discounts when you use the drive card. It's also nice they have WiFi to use while you wait.
    Patricia - January 2018
  • had flat tire repaired
    daryl - January 2018
  • Overall - happy that they were able to get us in on short notice. Parts were sourced the same day and issue was fixed same day. The overall experience would be perfect - except for the strong smoke odor that stayed with our vehicle for several days after the appointment. It was apparent that this facility allows smoking in the service area, which was circulating through our vehicle as it was running (replacing heater core - so heater was being tested).
    Keith - January 2018
  • I like oil changes!
    Ryan - December 2017
  • I respect the service at Autotire, they have sold me quality products and backed those products. During my last visit I had to ride home with my windows down in sub-zero temperatures because the car smelled of cigarette smoke so bad. With the car in my garage at home the garage smelled like an ash tray and neither my wife or I smoke. I would go back to Autotire if and when they do something about the smoke.
    Keivn - December 2017
  • Several days after getting our oil changed at Auto Tire, a warning light came on. We took the car to the dealer, who discovered the filter was not put on correctly after the oil change. So in addition to the cost of the oil change, we are out another $60!
    Doug - December 2017
  • In the past I have always had a great experience at Autotire. This particular issue with my car, was not. I took my car to Autotire to fix the check engine light issue (O2 sensor, car running lean). My first appointment did not fix the issue. I dropped my car off for the second appointment on a Tuesday, and on Friday they still hadn't worked on my car. The check engine light came on again and the issue was still not fixed. So I opted to take my car to a different shop, and it was fixed on the first try. The engine cover needed to be replaced.
    Dustin - November 2017
  • Dave Was very helpful and reasonable on prices for return customers will come back again in 60,000 miles
    Betsy - October 2017
  • good rai tire
    Mark - October 2017
  • Edwardsville AutoTire has always given me great service. Car is always serviced correctly the first time. Staff is very helpful.
    David - October 2017
  • Only took around 30 minutes for my service, and the technician had some good advice on future services I would need. Only thing I would say is check your pricing on pickup. I was quoted ~$42 for my oil and tire rotation but the person who checked me out tried to charge over $60, when I told him that was wrong he apologized and said there was a discount the tech forgot to ring up. All was right in the end but I'm glad I checked.
    John - October 2017
  • They fixed s long time issue and I’m very thankful for that because it’s my daily driver
    John - September 2017
  • I appreciate the service I receive from the local manager David.
    Kevin - September 2017
  • good service
    Mark - September 2017
  • I came in for a basic oil change. When I picked up my car the total for the oil change was $39.17. I had a coupon for a $19.99 oil change which the employees told me was the price I was given but that did not include "fees". I do not agree with having a coupon where the extra fees add up to almost the same as the advertised price. I came in because it was close to my work but will not return. I will go to my regular place that only charges $20. total. This has made me rethink coming here for other services as well, which I have in the past.
    Anon - September 2017
  • I have never found anything but the best in service from this firm. Always recommend you to others.
    Fred - September 2017
  • Bought tires for daughter's car,so far so good
    Jeffery - August 2017
  • See review.
    Fred - August 2017
  • Had a slow leak on a tire AutoTire had recently installed. Technician found nail, fixed tire.
    Doug - August 2017
  • Oil Changes, tires, maintenance, etc
    Jay - August 2017
  • I have brought quite a few of our cars here when they needed repair and I have never been disappointed. This time my daughter blew out the side wall and needed a new tire and front end alignment. Great job and they fit us in as always.
    Paul - August 2017
  • First repair job for me in the area.. made me feel welcome and fixed my tires in the bargain. Much appreciated
    Tony - August 2017
  • They do the checklist, change the oil, and I'm on my way. Who could ask for more?
    Melanie - August 2017
  • Purchased 4 Goodyear tires and love the ride and performance.
    Greg - July 2017
  • This store is very accommodating
    Mark - July 2017
  • I used to trust AutoTire. Took my car in because of a slight misfire. The first thing I asked was for them to check was the transmission fluid and filter since it had been a little while since last serviced. My car has less than 50,000 miles and has been properly maintained and cared for. Two hours later I receive a call with an estimate of $550 explaining they couldn't even begin to diagnose the problem until the fuel system was completely replaced, spark plugs and all wires were replaced. They did not even bother taking a look at the transmission fluid or filter like I had asked, and this was not even part of their plan included in the $550 to rectify the problem. Had my partner take a look at it. Replaced the filter and transmission fluid. Problem solved. He also checked the spark plugs, wires, and fuel system which was all in immaculate condition. This place is a scam. Save your gift card, it's clearly only a way for you to suck more money out of the community.
    Katelyn - July 2017
  • I had a simple oil change, but it is because of the store manager that I keep coming back (even after the fire). He always greats me by name and treats me fairly.
    Julianna - July 2017
  • I was taken care of promptly and in a very timely manner. I was a little upset that there was no way to road force balance my tires. With the larger tires, the most accurate way I have found to balance my tires has been road force balancing. This store does not have the capability to do uch work. That will not bode well for my decision to use them in the future.
    Patrick - July 2017
  • My local Autotire location Always does a great job. They don't keep you waiting past your appointment time. Always good business. All of the mechanics are awesome. I have never had a bad experience at my local location.
    Brett - July 2017
  • Very quick
    Austin - July 2017
  • Appointment was on time and completed quickly.
    Floyd - July 2017
  • Communications with me, the customer, is key. When I have my vehicles (4) serviced at Edwardsville Auto Tire I leave knowing whats going to be done and when I can expect it. I have not been surprised when I get called that it is ready for pickup with news that 20 other things need to be fixed. Their records are accurate and up to date as well.
    David - July 2017
  • They were very quick to repair my car and put on new tires. Great service!!
    Ryan - July 2017
  • The service at Autotire is great. I have used them numerous times and will to do so.
    Michael - July 2017
  • Dave is the best he will go out of his way to keep more money in your pocket keep up the good work
    Jason - July 2017
  • I go here all the time for my tire needs, was impressed with David the managers customer service skills.
    Michael - July 2017
  • I had a flat tire and they told me to come on in. I did not have an appointment, but they worked me in. I bought new tires, had an oil change and they had me in and out in less than 2 hours.
    Gina - July 2017
  • I brought in my car for the buy 3 get 1 free special - I called ahead, they said it was all good. Then, as soon as I thought they were finally done with the job, they surprised me with the fact that they were missing 1 tire...and I had to wait an additional 90 minutes for them to go get one from another AutoTire...
    Harley - June 2017
  • I arrived at the appointed time and my car was immediately taken into the service bay. The technicians discoverd a couple of problems and I authorized them to make the needed repairs. They did so and the actual cost and time required was less than predicted. Good job.
    David - June 2017
  • I arrived at the appointed time and my car was immediately taken into the service bay. The technicians discoverd a couple of problems and I authorized them to make the needed repairs. They did so and the actual cost and time required was less than predicted. Good job.
    David - June 2017
  • Driving
    Mike - June 2017
  • Good price with coupon on oil change
    Mike - June 2017
  • I ordered 195/65 R15 tires and brought my car in to get them on. When I came back to pick up the car, they seemed fine, but when I got home, I noticed they looked odd. They were 195/55 tires. I took the car back and walked home. A couple hours later, the correct tires were on my car.
    Colin - June 2017
  • I was driving my Jeep and drove over a screw . Luckily close to Autotite. They were able to patch my tire fairly quickly and on my way with no fuss.
    Harrold - June 2017
  • Had brakes checked, needed new ones. Got the call I needed new brakes and then got another call I needed new roaters on the front. Being a female, not knowing a lot about cars, Dustin very patiently explained everything to me. He was great to work with.
    Dawn - June 2017
  • I took my 2012 GMC Acadia to Autotire for a routine oil change and tire rotation. I waited for the car which took a little over an hour which I expected. I drove the car home (about 5 miles) and parked it in the garage for a few hours. When I drove the car out of the garage a few hours later, I had an oil spot on my garage floor. The following day I stopped by Autotire and asked them to check it. They were very nice and checked the car. I was told that the frame had not been wiped down after the old oil filter was removed. They guy said the location of the Acadia's oil filter is difficult and sometimes the oil gets on the frame during the oil change. I spent another 45 minutes in the waiting area while they corrected the problem. This has happened 2-3 other times at this Autotire. It is frustrating that I have to spend extra time to have something corrected that should have been done the first time.
    Mark/Lisa - June 2017
  • I've been going to the Edwardsville AutoTire store for years. They've always been friendly, knowledgeable, and never tried to "up sell" me on service, etc.
    Rick - June 2017
  • I went in because my drivers side front tire was down, I got an appointment and after two days I went in for my appointment and they found out that I had a nail in the front and two nails in the rear tire of the drivers side too. They got them all fixed and so far I haven't had any problem with any of the tires so far and they gave me a free tire rotation.
    Anthony - June 2017
  • The staff are very professional, and the job usually get done in the stated time. They also have plenty of coupons I can print from home. Oh and not to forget, I love their wide selection of tires.
    Sumiran - June 2017
  • In and out just like always
    Tom - June 2017
  • Have taken three vehicles to AutoTire and been pleased with the results each time.
    Douglas - June 2017
  • My truck broke down and Dustin was able to diagnose it and fix it within 2 days, very happy with the service and price!
    Heath - May 2017
  • Our free oil changes as our Ford dealer expired so we took our Escape to the Edwardsville, IL AutoTire. Dave always takes good care of us with all our previous work done. We signed up for the credit card on this visit and got the extra discount and will use it on all our future work done at Auto Tire.
    John - May 2017
  • I used Auto Tore for the first time this weekend, and cannot say enough good things about my experience. Service was friendly and professional, my oil change was done quickly, and the price was fair and affordable. I loved how easy the process was from start to finish, and was very impressed with the customer service.
    Liz - May 2017
  • Very helpful staff.
    David - May 2017
  • Always do a great job. For a while they weren't good at putting hub cabs back on. I always lose one after I get my tires rotated. Lately it hasn't happened.
    Maria - May 2017
  • Great job! Always happy! Been coming there for years!
    Carla - May 2017
  • My car was serviced for approx. $1,000 for a new air compressor (AC) on 4/29/2017. I was told after payment that the AC would be nice and cold and the issue was resolved. The AC was not working beginning 5/10/2017. When I called I let them know that my windows were up and the AC was blowing HOT. The service representative's response was "Maybe if you roll the windows down it will be better". I know he was trying to lighten the mood but with the investment I just put into the services at AutoTire, the flippant comment was not appreciated. I have a follow up appointment on Saturday 5/20/2017 and I fully expect for the problem to be resolved without further financial investment. I have been going to this location for years, as have other members of my family, but I am very disappointed in the services provided as of late. I hope they can turn it around on Saturday.
    Lindsay - May 2017
  • Will be back!
    Kris - May 2017
  • Autotire is a dependable shop with fair pricing.
    Jeff - May 2017
  • They got our Kia in and out when they said they would. They called and informed us of work that needed to be done and they were very curtious.
    Mike - May 2017
  • Clean shop, nice knowledgable associates.
    Scott - May 2017
  • I will first say it was very nice that the local Autotire was able to get me in first thing. I had a tire go down over night and pumped it up to drive the short distance up for repair. After leaving I had to drive to Kansas City - 4hrs away. After about 2 hours my tire sensor went off indicating the air pressure was down. I stopped and filled the tire. This happened two more times on the way to KC. I found a tire store and dropped the car off so I could attend my meetings. I was informed that night the "fix" was leaking and the tire could not be repaired. I had to purchase a new tire.
    Kirk - May 2017
  • Awesome service
    Bob - May 2017
  • Dustin Bruns did an outstanding job in handling our tire problem on 05/01/2017. We would highly recommend him for his professionalism.
    James - May 2017
  • I don't have a comment
    Kathy - April 2017
  • Great service. They got my car in and out in the same day!!
    Madison - April 2017
  • I got four new tires and they are great.
    Kristie - April 2017
  • My car was fixed in record time and cost less than 50% of what the dealer wanted.
    Patricia - April 2017
  • Good reasonably priced oil change.
    - April 2017
  • Friendly and fast service.
    Mary - April 2017
  • Asked them to inspect brakes while changing tires. Without a call, the rear rotors were replaced. I may have made the decision to replace them, but I would have appreciated a call to confirm before starting the work.
    Teresa - March 2017
  • great service
    Cheryl - March 2017
  • brought my car in for an alignment was in a hurry and had to get work upon getting out of my car i noticed greasy had prints on my car but what was most disturbing upon further inspection they left greasy had print on my light colored sunvisor. Spoke with manager and he said i could bring it back and they would clean but I was 50 miles away at work. You really shouldnt need bring back more careful the first time
    Jeff - March 2017
  • Gentleman up front did a great job of getting me register and said how long it would be and he was spot on. Mechanic left paper mate in floor board. There was a grease spot on the door but it rubbed off. Over great job. Floor and lobby should have been moped half way through the day because it looked bad. Coffee was empty, but is was 1600 car.
    Michael - March 2017
  • Friendly service
    mary - March 2017
  • Same service and experience as usual. This is a good thing. They were done on time too. Sometimes this is not the case.
    Robert - March 2017
  • they got stuff done, I think, but it took a long time
    Grace - March 2017
  • Justin, David, and Rick all did well to keep their peace when dealing with WARRANTY COMPANIES on a front wheel bearing replacement. The larger corporations do not care about Mom&Pop shops because there needs to be a small mark up to cover operating costs. We all get this. AUTO TIRE has always been competitive with the MSRP prices as well as the repairs needed on my "family fleet" of vehicles. If you want a local repair shop that keeps the customer's wishes in line first and the bottom line of their company second, AUTO TIRE takes your needs in queue. But don't expect everything to be under cut as they too need to stay in business! Kudos to the crew for the quick repair and the patience in dealing with people who only subscribe to the bottom line, and treat others without remorse.
    Daimon - March 2017
  • Auto tire is the best! Always very friendly and helpful. Cost is always reasonable.
    Cindy - March 2017
  • I had a routine oil change and tire rotation. I had them check the balance of the tires and alignment. Tires needed to be balanced, but the alignment was good. Thanks for not charging something I didn't need. Dave is the best! He even had my coupons on my ticket when he went to ring me up.
    DCT - March 2017
  • I have bought tire and have had oil changes done at thi store for several years
    Michael - March 2017
  • Unfortunately I noticed that oil was leaking in my driveway for a number of days after my appointment. I took my car back up to the location, and they got me right in to check it out. They did say that a seal or gasket was not put on correctly or was defective. Fixed it that day, no problems. Even gave me oill dry that I requested for my driveway
    Chris - March 2017
  • Services are always thorough!
    Patricia - March 2017
  • The tires I got are great tires for the price.
    Jerome - February 2017
  • The staff was courteous and professional. They explained things in way that I could follow.
    Brianna - February 2017
  • Have used this location numerous times and as usual very satisfied
    Jeffery - February 2017
  • Brakes are nothing to mess with. Davis, Rick, and the crew in Edwardsville did great work to isolate and get the correct repairs for my vehicle. I am always very happy and feel safe driving my vehicles services here.
    Daimon - February 2017
  • Oil change and tire rotation they get me in on short notice almost every time if I leave it with them.
    Tom - February 2017
  • Oil change
    Rebecca - February 2017
  • I purchased tires at the end of last year from auto tire and they are located right down the block from my work. So to get an oil change and rotation is so easy; I called the day before, dropped of in the morning, and was done when I got off work! And very efficient for drop off and pick up! Thank you for your hard work!
    Janel - February 2017
  • Improves gas mileage and engine performance
    Stephen - February 2017
  • The handling is great. Since there is less lean when you turn and the response is immediate , you feel much more in control of the vehicle. The ride is smooth and quiet. The stopping distance is shorter. When I get a new struts and shocks in a month it will be even better.
    Clint - February 2017
  • I scheduled a much needed oil change and tire rotation over the weekend. I scheduled the appointment online Saturday, dropped it off Sunday and had it done in about an hour. Worked out perfectly for me.
    Joe - February 2017
  • I purchased tires and they had me in and out quick.
    Jamie - February 2017

  • - February 2017

  • - February 2017
  • I like the service and the price for an oil change.
    Jerome - February 2017
  • Test
    Test - February 2017
  • They were able to fix my tires so that they quit losing air every day. Thanks!!!
    Toni - February 2017
  • 2002 Toyota Camry I just replaced my Yoko Avid Ascend speed rating T 85,000 mile tires with the exact same tire. Old tires had 80,000 plus miles and 4 10ths tread left. Good wearing tire if you keep up on rotation and alignment maintenance. put on all my other vehicles. 2012 Honda Civic and 1992 Toyota pick-up. Very quiet low noise.
    Kevin - January 2017
  • Oil%20change%20was%20performed%20correctly%20and%20tires%20were%20rotated%20correctly%20%20Friendly%20people.
    Craig - January 2017
  • Work completed in the time frame expected.
    Ron - January 2017
  • Two tires blew out due to a road hazard, they had me ready to go with new tires the next day!
    Dave - October 2016
  • AutoTire stood behind the mileage warranty on the tires. Great, timely service.
    Kevin - October 2016
  • Always friendly and quick. No pressure to upsell. I always feel like I get a good value.
    Teresa - August 2016
  • Davis was very professional and worked hard to ensure I was a satisfied customer.
    Jim - August 2016
  • Very nice on the phone, easy to set up appointment and finished my truck that morning. Great service.
    Tim - August 2016
  • As a single woman I depend on good service and other people letting me know what service my car needs. This is something I don't have to worry about with Auto Tire. The employees in my store are always informative and helpful and give excellent service.
    Thelma - July 2016
  • They got me in quickly and treated me well.
    Sharon - July 2016
  • Your staff helped me get my car back when I needed it. My wife was severely injured in Feb and requires several medical staff help.
    Fred - July 2016
  • So very pleased with the service. Getting my car serviced is so hard sometimes and I've had many unpleasant experiences and some just satisfactory but this was one of the best I have had. So very pleased!
    Susan - June 2016
  • The staff got me in without an appointment and was able to patch my tire that had a bolt in it.
    Brett - June 2016
  • I took it in for a small problem and asked to check the brakes as a courtesy. Found out I needed new brakes and they were able to have the car done for me the following morning.
    Cindy - May 2016
  • The manager David L made sure everything was finished quickly and our vehicle was inspected and recommended that our brakes be replaced. We were going on a trip and he made sure everything was done to ensure we would not have any problems with our vehicle
    Chris - May 2016
  • The Edwardsville, IL, store always stands by its work!!
    Dennis/Tina - April 2016
  • Employees were respectful. Liked that I could use the Goodyear Credit Card.
    Lora - April 2016
  • Work done correctly, got to use WiFi so I could work while waiting.
    Doug - April 2016
  • Intake was quick and I was told accurately when the car would be ready.
    Katheline - April 2016
  • Very friendly and accommodating staff - they even got me in last minute and stayed late to help me out.
    Jill - April 2016
  • I always take my vehicle to AutoTire because of the great guys that work@ the Edwardsville,Illinois store! So professional & always willing to go the extra step for me!
    Lynn - March 2016
  • They always make me feel as if I am important.
    Andrew - September 2015
  • The managers and mechanics at the Edwardsville store are very helpful and friendly. Both Dave and Erin do a great job managing that store.
    Norman - August 2015
  • Got the job done on time.
    Doug - August 2015
  • Guys were busy and did their best to keep the customers moving
    Ron - August 2015
  • Sales associates were very friendly and helpful
    Hope - August 2015
  • Very personable and friendly staff.
    Mike - August 2015

High Customer Satisfaction at AutoTire

What our customers say...

AutoTire is committed to earning your trust and confidence by providing the customer service, convenience and value that you expect every time you visit. When we hand back the key to your vehicle, we want to know how we did.

Continuous improvement in customer service is not possible without a formal program to measure results. We take your comments seriously and it shows in the results we achieve. In our most recent survey, more than 15,000 customers gave AutoTire an 'A' rating.* We collected customer ratings and customer reviews of services completed in our stores such as oil changes, brakes, wheel alignments, state inspections and installing new tires. You can participate in AutoTire's next Customer Satisfaction Survey. Thanks for helping us to improve our products, services, and commitment to providing quality service!

If you're not 100% satisfied, during or after your visit, speak to any AutoTire employee and we'll make it right. We think that maintaining your car, truck or van should be a hassle-free experience and we back that up with industry-leading warranties that protect your investment. You have our personal pledge to:

  • Provide a free estimate of needed repairs or service.
  • Do the work right the first time.
  • Complete the job on time as promised.

At AutoTire, we care about you and your vehicle. We are pleased to report that customer reviews confirm this.

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*Six-month Customer Satisfaction Survey. February - July 2014.
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