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(636) 442-1505

3620 Harvester Road
St. Charles, MO 63303

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What People Are Saying:

  • Would use, and recommend to any family and friends. I have had many people use the Harvested Auto Tire already.
    Douglas - May 2017
  • I had my oil changed, tires rotated, and an alignment. There was a greasy hand print on my hood. When I worked at a repair shop we always made sure there weren't any hand prints.
    Chris - April 2017
  • I will never go to another mechanic while I live in St Charles. They know me and my car and I could not ask for better service. Highly recommend
    Eileen - April 2017
  • Staff was friendly and knowledgeable
    Alison - April 2017
  • Quick friendly attentive service. I was a walk up and needed tire service. I was checked in in a friendly professional manner. Provided with progress updates and the work was completed quickly and at a reasonable cost.
    John - April 2017
  • My visit started with being handed an estimate that was $200 more than the internet estimate. Apparently, it is OK to add on services without asking if you want them. I then asked how long they estimated it would take. I was told an hour and a half. Two hours and 15 minutes later, the car was ready. Keep in mind this was to install 4 new tires with an appointment. While they were friendly enough, I was not impressed with their up front honestly nor the speed of the service. It is unlikely I would allow them to service my cars again. (except for tire rotation which was paid for as part of the tire purchase). In their defense, finding a good place to get your vehicle serviced is getting harder and harder, they were not any worse than most others I have tries recently.
    Dennis - April 2017
  • I took my truck in for and oil change tire rotation. I asked them to check on why my steering wheel shook when I applied the brakes. Needed new front brakes and rotor. Got all the work done in three hours so I could get to work the next day.
    Allen - April 2017
  • These guys are the best. I appreciate their kindness and helpfulness with every visit. Strongly recommend this place for all your repairs.
    Beth - March 2017
  • Quality products and services are a must. They have far exceeded my expectations.
    Wayne - March 2017
  • Very professional. The Service Advisor had taken good care of our car repairs. Quick and efficient service.
    Wayne - March 2017
  • Warranty on tire repair good as gold
    Earl - March 2017
  • I bring my car in - they review records - call me with prices and suggestions - and do it well as I've not ever had to go back because something is still wrong.
    Steve - March 2017
  • They were most helpful and did the tires and oil change, and alignment within a very timely manner.
    Norma - March 2017
  • Had the tires I needed and got them mounted and balanced quickly
    Chris - March 2017
  • Dan and Gary went out of their way to find and personally get 4 LTX/MS2 tires for my Suburban so that I didn't have to wait since I had a piece of glass in one of my tires and was flat. These tires are being replaced with the Defenders which I did not want because they come in black wall only, and the LTX/MS2 that I had on were unbelievable and hard to find in P265-70R16. I wanted to stay with what I had. As always these guys went out of their way to provide great customer service. One of the main reasons I have been a customer for so long. Also the young man (don't know his name yet, I believe he is new) that put them on for me did a great job of mounting and balancing them as well as cleaned the wheels for me to make the new tires look even better.
    Dave - February 2017
  • Great service
    Kris - February 2017
  • No issues and great service
    Carlie - February 2017
  • Fast and easy oil change.
    Scott - February 2017
  • Got right in even though I placed my appointment online at the wrong location. They took care of the problem in a timely manner. Thank you.
    Dianne - February 2017
  • I purchased tires.
    Sharon - February 2017
  • Satisfied with oil change and rotation and work from mechanics. Very dissatisfied with the level of service and relay of information by the "manager" or person checking me out at front desk. He was vague with his response to my questions about potential fluid leak, and when I asked further questions, he just told me to look at the paper because it is written up on there. He didn't ask the mechanic that worked on my car to explain what they saw or try to help troubleshoot in any way. When I asked more about the issue so that I could take a look at it, he said "There is nothing for you to do. You just need to take it to someone that specializes in this." Making assumptions, being vague and brief with responses is not the way to treat a paying customer.
    Jon - February 2017
  • Service is great
    Rick - February 2017
  • The guys at AutoTire are the best! They are always pleasant and helpful, they answer all of my questions, and they don't treat me like an uninformed customer. I stopped in to check a tire with low pressure, they worked me into the schedule, and after thoroughly checking that tire they corrected the pressure in all four tires so I was ready to go! I feel like they know me and they want to give me the best customer service possible!
    Michelle - January 2017
  • They are always nice and there is no pressure to buy things I don't need.
    Pat - December 2016
  • I always feel reassured of the service I get at this AutoTire. All of my questions are always answered even if I think they are silly.
    Bonnie - November 2016
  • The employees were friendly and very helpful. I felt like I can trust them not to try and sell on products or services that I don't need.
    Sara - October 2016
  • Upbeat sales associates that love what they do. They always try to get your work done in a reasonable time and communicate progress well.
    Paul - September 2016
  • No complaints. Appointment was on time and everything was finished in a timely manner.
    Tim - September 2016
  • I came in without an appointment with a nail in my tire that I had purchased last year from AutoTire. Even though they appeared very busy, they managed to get me in, replace the tire (it couldn't be repaired), and out the door in a very reasonable time.
    Ralph - September 2016
  • The staff and service desk person were very friendly and communicated clearly all options and the status of my vehicle. It was a pleasure bringing my car to this shop.
    John - July 2016
  • Added services at time of arrival and they were able to complete in timely fashion.
    Mark - April 2016
  • Frequent visitor to this shop and always am 100% pleased with how the service is explained/performed.
    Mark - April 2016
  • They dropped me off back at work so I didn't have to sit in the waiting room and I like that they didn't try to up sell a lot more things I don't need.
    Brian - March 2016
  • The staff is always polite and courteous. I have been going to this facility for along time and everytime I come in they make me feel like they are truly glad I am there. I have confidence in the work that is done to my vehicles. Last time I was in it was getting close to closing and two of the guys in the shop that were cleaning up, stopped what they were doing and asked how I was doing and what my Suburban needed this time. They take a interest in my Suburban because they know I try to keep it in top condition. This is a great store. There are a lot of tire and service centers in St. Charles, but this is the only one I trust and go to. Keep up the good work!
    Dave - September 2015
  • I trust these guys and they always take care of me - So appreciate that!
    Jackie - September 2015
  • The guys there are always friendly and helpful.
    Beth - September 2015
  • On time, friendly and recommendations on some services without high pressure sales.
    Mark - August 2015
  • Manager was friendly, person who performed my work went out of his way. Overall good service which in turn equals return business.
    Jason - August 2015
  • The staff has been honest and fair with me for years
    Steve - August 2015
  • Friendly staff, helpful answers
    Lori - August 2015
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